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Swiss Youth IGF 2024

2nd Edition of the Swiss Youth IGF will take place on June 4, 2024.


It will be followed by the Swiss IGF 2024.

The call for issues for the Swiss Youth IGF is open until
May 6, 2024 at 12pm CET.

First Edition of the Swiss Youth IGF 2023


Switzerland has been at the forefront of international digital developments in the 21st century. It hosted the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva in 2003, and played an instrumental role in launching the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). Switzerland has been among the most prominent contributors towards more inclusive and impactful digital governance globally.

It therefore makes perfect sense for Switzerland to have formed the Swiss Youth IGF that will bring the voice of Swiss youth on Internet Governance.

The Swiss Youth IGF is co-founded by Fabio Monnet, Swiss Youth and the Swiss Youth IGF Advisory Board.

The Swiss Youth IGF secretariat is hosted by the Global Youth IGF, of which the Swiss Youth IGF is an affiliated member. The Swiss Youth IGF is an independent Youth IGF.

The Global Youth IGF is the global Youth IGF Movement, which is a capacity development initiative of an international scope. The Global Youth IGF is part of the UN IGF.


Our main objective is to allow the voice of young people to be heard by Information Society leaders on issues related to Internet Governance and to help young people to take an active part in the decision-making processes in Switzerland.


By allowing the young people to take an active part in the discussions and to have a real impact on ICTs and Internet policies nationally, we have a mission to assist in creating future Swiss ICTs Leaders with a solid vision and knowledge on Internet Governance.


The importance of hearing the voice of the younger generations on digital cooperation was underlined by different stakeholders during the annual UN Internet Governance Forum.

In efforts to fulfil the UN IGF’s mandate and build on the recommendations of the UN IGF’s Retreat in 2016, the UN IGF Secretariat is conducting systematic efforts to engage young people on internet governance.

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To sustainably engage digital natives in the IGF processes, the Swiss Youth IGF is closely cooperating with the Swiss IGF.

Swiss IGF - The Swiss national branch of the UN IGF Internet Governance Forum.

The Swiss IGF is the national spin-off from the global process of the UN Internet Governance Forum, in which all stakeholders agree on the definition of rules of the Internet.

The Swiss IGF has been in existence since 2015, is organised independently of the other levels and generally comes together on an annual basis.

The Swiss IGF is distinguished by an approach in which all stakeholder groups discuss the future challenges and opportunities of digitisation on equal terms and jointly seek solutions to social or regulatory issues.

Join us on 4 June 2024 at the Swiss Youth IGF!

For its second edition, the Swiss Youth IGF will take place on the day before the national Swiss IGF and will take the form of a parallel capacity–building activity.

Take this opportunity to learn more about internet governance and digital policies in Switzerland. Have your say on the most important digital issues and make sure your voice is heard by Swiss decision-makers.