Youth IGF Informs


Are you tired of feeling like you're not informed enough about the tech trends and internet policies that shape our world?

The Youth IGF is here to change that. We believe that every young person deserves to have a seat at the table when it comes to shaping our digital future.

The Youth IGF provides the Youth IGF Media platform where you can listen to what these digital natives have to say about various digital issues.

By reading their opinions on different digital topics, we can all learn a great deal from these young minds, who are shaping the future of our world.

With Youth IGF Informs as part of the Youth IGF Media platform, we provide comprehensive coverage of the top digital-related sessions from around the globe, and deliver the youth perspective on these issues. With us, you'll be empowered with the knowledge you need to make a difference in the digital space - so join us today and start making your voice heard!


Youth IGF Podcast


Our podcast series, "27 minutes Inside Digital," features young people and experts sharing their perspectives and opinions on the latest digital trends. Our "Special Talks" series invites influential speakers to go deeper into a particular topic for a more in-depth conversation. Lastly, during the annual Internet Governance Forum, we host a series of podcasts where youth and special guests analyze current priorities and trends of the Forum.

Youth IGF Publishing


Youth IGF Publishing is dedicated to empowering youths with the knowledge and skills necessary to fully understand and engage with digital issues. Through our platform, young people can access written content that explores current digital topics from a youthful perspective. Our academic experts also weigh in with their insights to provide a comprehensive understanding of the digital landscape. By engaging with Youth IGF Publishing, young people can develop their critical thinking skills and become leaders in the rapidly evolving digital world.

Youth IGF Video


Youth IGF Video is the series of live talks and special campaigns led by young people who are passionate about making a difference. From cybersecurity to data privacy, the topics discussed are relevant and timely. And the youth perspective provided is invaluable - we bring a fresh and innovative lens to the ever-evolving digital landscape.



Yuliya Morenets

Yuliya Morenets


Yuliya is a true inspiration for young people everywhere. As the Youth IGF Founder and former MAG IGF member to the UN Secretary General, she has always been dedicated to making sure the voices of young people are heard by decision-makers. With a passion for journalism and inspired by some of the world's most renowned journalists and personal friends, Yuliya launched the Youth IGF Media: a platform where young voices can come together to speak out on the most pressing digital issues.

Yuliya's monthly special talk edition the March of Digital provides an excellent opportunity for young people to gain a deeper understanding of the world around them and to realise the true power of their voices.

Alastair Gill

Alastair Gill

Editorial Lead

Alastair is an experienced British multi-platform journalist, editor and translator covering current affairs, digital innovation and culture. He has over 70 publications to his name, including for leading news media, tech and business websites, inflight magazines and cultural journals, as well as podcasts. He splits his time between Bulgaria, the UK… and the world! 

Dean Arnett

Dean Arnett 

Production Lead

Dean Arnett is an internationally award winning , former-BBC, Self-Shoot documentary Producer. Through his production company, Sparks Fly Media, he has produced documentaries for the BBC, Al Jazeera, Amazon Prime and Discovery. He has also created content for global brands such as Oracle, Dropbox, ServiceNow, Microsoft, Casio, Meta, NHS and many others. He regularly works as a consultant, trainer and virtual event producer. More recently he has specialised in helping organisations with AI tools for media production. Dean also regularly speaks at conferences and events about video production and modern workflow techniques.


Alexandre Bianquini do Amaral

Alexandre Bianquini
do Amaral

Podcast Lead

Brazilian journalist and filmmaker, Alexandre Amaral, is currently pursuing a master's degree in Film Directing at the University of Edinburgh, he is also the Communications Manager at MILEN and Regional Coordinator of the UNESCO MIL Alliance Youth Subcommittee. Amaral is a regular Portuguese voice of the Youth IGF content production and the Youth IGF media events host, making him an important contributor to shaping the digital landscape.

Polina Matveeva

Polina Matveeva

Technical assistance

Polina is a graphic designer and is one of the creative forces behind the Youth IGF. Her role is to take the ideas generated by the team and transform them into visually compelling content for our social media and websites. It's no secret that images and graphics can speak louder than words, and that's where her skills come in. Together with the Youth IGF group of individuals from various backgrounds, including journalists she is working towards a common goal of empowering youth and advocating for digital rights.

Christine Kabazira

Christine Kabazira


Christine Kabazira, a determined Ugandan journalist who is currently pursuing her master's in Media Development from Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway. Her passion for media and journalism is evident in everything she does, as she works tirelessly to empower the voices of those who are often unheard. As a member of the Uganda Human Rights Commission, Christine is dedicated to promoting human rights and freedom of expression for all.


Mohamed Salma

Mohamed Salama

Journalist, Arabic

Mohamed is a native of Egypt and has gained extensive journalistic experience, having reported for numerous publications including al-Monitor, the Globe Post, and BBC Arabic. Salama's passion for journalism has taken him to new heights, with a Ph.D. at Merrill College and a big data research project analyzing media coverage of lynchings. With his master's degree from American University-Cairo and experience serving as a Fulbright research fellow and instructor at the University of Kentucky. Mohamed is a regular Arab voice of the Youth IGF content production and the Youth IGF media events host.


Charles Perut

Charles Perut

Journalist, French

For over a decade, Charles has been using his various talents to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry, with credits including prominent works like the movie "Plus bas dans la vallée" and the TV series "Cherif." Not only is he the official stunt double for Clive Owen in France, but he's also established himself as a sought-after stunt performer for both the small and big screen. A unique aspect of Charles' career is his ability to blend an institutional/journalistic network with his artistic pursuits, which has allowed him to expand into different areas of expertise. Charles is a regular French voice of the Youth IGF content production and the Youth IGF media events host.

Alina Al-Zehkhul

Alina Al-Zehkhul


Alina is a talented young journalist who is currently a Youth IGF trainee in digital journalism. With her passion for writing and editing posts for social networks, Alina is sure to make a significant impact on the world. Her enthusiasm for subjects such as online safety and digital technologies is inspiring and necessary in this day and age. Her words are both optimistic and empowering, serving as a reminder of the power of journalism to effect positive change.



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